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Wollongong born, Melbourne based musician.

A lot of artists claim to wear their heart on their sleeve.

Australian singer-songwriter, Tyne-James Organ, walks the walk.

Tyne first gained national attention in late 2017 with the release of the single, ‘Watch You Go,’ a detailed account of the death of his father, Rikki, in 2016.  It was a song that was equally flowing with grief and joy, as Tyne, a kid from the raw, Northern suburbs of the former steel city Wollongong, pursued not only his dreams to become a professional musician, but his desire to achieve catharsis and find meaning in his father’s untimely passing. Released by stalwart indie label Dew Process, the song quickly captured the attention of the tastemakers at triple j radio, and was added to full rotation, bringing his music to a national platform for the first time. Meanwhile, Tyne continued his journey towards closure by encouraging discussions of loss and grief in the media as his profile continued to grow.

From there he pivoted with his follow up – the upbeat rocker, ‘Graceful,’ and with it showed off the next huge step in his artistic development. The single saw him aim big – going for a huge, rockier sound, while continuing to focus on the delicacy of his lyricism. Again, championed by triple j, ‘Graceful’ proved to be a major turning point in his fledgling career, leading to sold out national solo tours and support slots for big name acts like Jake Bugg, Lime Cordiale, and Middle Kids, as well as performing as part of his good friend and label mate Mallrat’s on stage show, including her momentous Splendour In The Grass set in 2018. In 2019, Organ released his debut EP, Persevere, spearheaded by the barnstorming single ‘Something New.’


By now Organ had grown from the surfer-songwriter from the NSW South Coast, into a fully-formed frontman with swagger, a voice as powerful in its deeper register as its highest falsetto, and three songs that had burned bright on national radio on high rotation for 18 months. This time he returned to perform at Splendour in the Grass on his own steam, packing out the country’s premiere festival stage with thousands of his own fans.


After years of hard work and inspiration spawned by overcoming tragedy and celebrating triumph, 24-year old Organ now returns in 2020 with arguably the biggest song of his career, ‘Hold Me Back.’ A song inspired by his own interactions with misogyny in the night clubs of his new home of Melbourne, the song fully displays the working class grit and sense of justice Tyne was raised on, as well as the sensitive and sensible man he’s grown into.


It’s an outstanding song with a powerful message,

and one that is likely to catapult his career to a global stage.

Do yourself a favour and give it a listen now.



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